Our Story

The story of Qualitá Group

The Qualitá Group has been in the ornamental stone market for more than 30 years, investing in innovation and sustainability.

Qualitá begins its activities as a small fabricator in the city of São Paulo.
Started to import stones from different countries from around Europe.
Stopped be a manufacturer to attend as a distributor. New branches have been opened on different cities in Brazil as Ribeirão Preto, Goiás and Porto Alegre.
Opened a new company called Granimármores to cut and finish blocks in slabs.
The largest warehouse in Brazil opens in the city of São Paulo.
Start of exploration of natural stones in own quarries.
The beginning of the industry in Vitória – ES.
The company already had the most modern production line of natural stones in Brazil.
OPENHOUSE Qualitá – event that brought together its customers, employees and market partners to get to know the facilities of the industry.
The expansion project for the new industry of Qualitá has begun.
The new Qualitá has arrived! Our expansion has raised our quality standards to a new level. Come visit us and discover the new chapter of our story.


The Company is well known worldwide in the areas of stone importation and exportation. The headquarter is located in the city of Vitória, ES.

With the visionary factory concept, the group aims the most modern regarding equipment, production engineering, safety and sustainability, its mission is the excellence in quality.

The Qualitá Group aims the expansion process and has become a standout company in the international market of exotics stones.